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Dr. Carolyn McCray (graduate of UCD 1990), has been around long enough to remember when you just popped every dog with every vaccine known to mankind.

Luckily veterinary medicine has advanced since then. The AVMA now recognizes that some vaccines are core, or necessary for each and every pet. For dogs those are Distemper/Parvo/Rabies. For cats it is Panleukopenia/Rabies.

All other vaccines are considered life-style vaccines and are only given if your pet has a high likelihood of coming into contact with the vaccinated disease. Meaning most vaccines are a MEDICAL decision made between you and your veterinarian, not just shooting up all dogs with every vaccines. 

We have also learned that giving too many vaccines at once can have a significant negative effect on your pet's immune system which is why Smart Pets only gives 1 vaccine (which at times can be a combo vaccines which are proven to work together) at a time. We know this can be an inconvenience to come back and forth for vaccines you used to get all at once, however Dr. McCray feels very strongly regarding being gentle to your pet's immune system and would love to explain the research behind her decision any time!

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